Domestic Offence Experience

Domestic assault charges carry swift and severe consequences in Ontario. A zero-tolerance approach means that once an allegation has been made, there is no turning back.

At Beach & Starkie, we understand how critical it is to move quickly and are dedicated to helping to steer you through this stressful time.

Highly-Experienced Defence Against Domestic Assault Charges

Domestic offence charges draw a specialized group of prosecutors and apply strict conditions to the accused. What might have started as a seemingly inconsequential disagreement has the potential to result in implications that keep you from seeing your children or entering your own home. Being convicted of a domestic offence can put your employment in jeopardy and ultimately alter your life permanently.

We understand that when it comes to domestic assault charges, there is no time to waste. From the moment that you start working with a criminal lawyer at Beach & Starkie, you can expect action. We work aggressively to minimize the effect of bail conditions and will vigorously defend you against charges including:

  • Threatening death or bodily harm
  • Domestic mischief
  • Criminal harassment
  • Forcible confinement

We take a collaborative approach to defending clients against domestic offence charges. Our belief is that the range of experience and skills that each of our lawyers bring to the table provide clients with the best possible defence.

We are also committed to ensuring that our clients can always reach us when they need to. We know that you have questions and we are here to provide you with answers.

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