Experienced Weapon Offences Defence

Weapons offences are complicated and require quick action. With mandatory minimum sentences and strict bail restrictions, it is important to contact a skilled lawyer as soon as possible.

With our extensive experience defending weapons offences and our positive recognition throughout Ottawa's legal community, the lawyers at Beach & Starkie are well-positioned to provide strong representation and work diligently towards achieving the best possible results.

Understanding Weapons Offences

The definition of weapon depends on the context. Broadly speaking, a firearm will always be considered a weapon but something like a rock, hockey stick, or multi-purpose knife can fall under this category if it was used with the intent to cause harm.

At Beach & Starkie, we have considerable experience handling all manner of weapon offence charges. We regularly represent clients across a range of charges including:

  • Possession of a weapon
  • Carrying a concealed weapon
  • Use of a weapon in commission of another offence
  • Discharge of a firearm

Intelligent Defence Against Weapon Offences

The repercussions stemming from a weapons-related offence are serious. Possessing a restricted firearm, a prohibited firearm, or a non-restricted firearm without license or registration certificate can result into up to 10 years in prison for a first-time offence. Offences such as robbery with the intent of stealing a firearm carries the risk of imprisonment for life.

The team of criminal lawyers at Beach & Starkie are well-versed in defending weapons charges. Using a collaborative approach, we pool our combined experience to provide you with a vigorous defence tailored to the specifics of your case.

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