Providing Guidance To Youth Through The Criminal Justice System

Our team of criminal lawyers has experience regularly defending individuals charged under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Given the complex nature of these cases, having skilled representation is critical.

At Beach & Starkie, we are well-versed in navigating the youth criminal justice system and are committed to protecting the rights of the young clients that we serve.

Ottawa's Experienced Youth Offence Lawyers

Young offenders appear in separate courts and are subject to different procedures and protections than those tried through the adult legal system. With young persons facing criminal charges, the goal is to promote reintegration and rehabilitation all while taking into consideration factors such as lower levels of maturity.

At Beach & Starkie, we have experience regularly defending individuals facing charges for offences such as:

Defending Youth Offence Charges Through Collaboration

We believe in taking a collective approach when it comes to youth offence charges. With a range of areas of expertise including mental health issues, we combine our skills to best serve our clients. Our goal is to provide our young clients and their families with support and to facilitate access to the resources they need, all while working to protect their best interests.

We understand that young people make mistakes and will prepare a vigorous defence with the aim of achieving the best possible outcome. We are committed to fighting to protect your future.

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